Subsistence farming, Land fragmentation, bush burning, primitive farming techniques, The government, and Non – government organizations have mobilized rural small scale farmers into Village Farmer Groups (VLG) where training and sensitization are done on the best farming practices and benefits of farming in groups. In some cases, the high yielding seed is provided and trained extension workers are assigned to these groups. The missing link is for these VFG to have access to tractors to facilitate the land ploughing, planting, weeding, and harvesting. The government and donors have provided regional tractor that has for many times failed due to political reasons and poor management. With tractor present there will be no need for bush burning as tractors do not need a cleared field to be able to plough, Tractors will be an incentive for group farming as they work better with large chunks of land, More yield will be realized with group farming and local farmers will enjoy economies of scale and bigger leverage to negotiate better prices for their produce

Swamp reclamation, overfishing, charcoal burning
With the introduction of VFG and tractors, rice farmers, charcoal burners and fishermen will have profitable alternatives in farming. With profits attained from farming, fish farming can be introduced to the farmer to counter overfishing

Child labour Gender inequalities

The most labour intensive and time sensitive farm activity in a local garden is ploughing and weeding. This activity will be executed by a tractor. So kids can go to school on time. In VFG distribution is per member not per family, this ensures equal member participation so farm work can no longer be assigned to the woman alone.

The government is implementing a plantation farming drive by distributing free tree seedlings and issuing permits to the public to grow the tree in gazetted forest reserves. Tractors can greatly leverage on this program by providing cheaper services in digging tree holes and clearing bushes