Future Projects

1. “Uber” Tractor

After attaining at least 10 tractors, we will develop an online site and database of all tractor owners willing to offer tractor hire services. An interface and mobile application will then be developed where farmers can view nearby tractors on their mobile phones or computers and hire tractors through the app.

Because it is not cost effective to acquire a multitude of tractor implements we will buy and stock most of the relevant tractor implements like harrow disks, planters, ridgers, sprayers, rippers, slashers, front loaders, trailers for every region to unlock more opportunities for the tractor owners

2. Drone surveillance

The high tech and long-range drones with embedded AI technology to notice weathered, infected and stunted crops. It will also be deployed to capture proof of ploughing services.
It will also serve to investigate the efficiency of irrigation systems basing on the performance of the crops

Ploughing Credit Service
We are in negotiations with different potential partners to develop a scheme where farmer groups can access ploughing and harrowing services on credit and payment is made after harvesting. This intended to be at either no or

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Silos for hire
We also intend to pioneer the first mobile silos for the farmer with high yield to combat post-harvest wastage and low grain prices at harvest time. Farmers will have an option to safely store their produce until the optimum time.